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Bet at 5dimes
Bet at 5dimes

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Money Management

I've decided to keep the usual system, which is divided on three different levels: Single Dime (3units), Double Dime (4units) and Triple Dime Play (5units). I feel pretty comfortable with this scheme and there is no reason to change it right now.
My recommendation is to use a peak reset system:

SINGLE DIME = 0.5 to 1% of the bankroll

DOUBLE DIME = 0.75 to 1.25% of the bankroll

TRIPLE DIME = 1 to 1.5% of the bankroll

Then we have the pivotal question: When is the best time to change the stakes, having in account we are already accumulating profits/losses, so we can maximize our profits and minimize our losses?
The answer to that question is complex, especially because we cant predict the future.
The perfect answer would be to the raise the stakes when we knew we were about to have a winning streak and reduce it when we knew we were about to have a losing streak, but obviously thats impossible to do. My answer for this question points to a Break-Even Point on the 20% of profit over the initial bankroll (you can do the opposite as well).
Into now the time releases of my plays. From my experience the best way to take advantage of the market is to have a dynamic card. What is a dynamic card? Well its a card that gives me the possibility to pick the best lines for my handicapping style. I can release early plays and/or a potential void in some game can turn into a play due to some line movement that favors us, theres also the chance to make upgrades into the plays. Obviously that there will be an expected timeline for the final updates release and I will also alert my clients every time that Ill release a play.
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